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Fifth Annual Wheel Deal

January 13, 2015

Readymade may have been good enough for Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel, but it was just stuck to a stool.

Winter is here at last and Crazy Basta’s Fifth Annual Wheel Deal is in full swing!

Now through the end of February, any combination of hub, rim, and spoke that you can dream up will be lovingly built by one of our highly trained, though occasionally crabby, mechanics for the unbelievably low price of $5 per wheel!

No brainer disclaimer: this exceptionally low price only applies to wheels built with new parts purchased here.

Call or email now.  Operators are standing by!




High Noon Ride

December 31, 2014


1/1/15.  Noon.  BAB.

Holiday Hours

December 23, 2014


Back Alley Bikes will close at 7pm on Tuesday, 12/23/14 and re-open at 10am on Friday, 1/2/15.

Best Albums of 2014

December 22, 2014


The most important tool in the bike shop is the stereo.  It maintains the rhythm of the day, it sets the mood of the shop, and it broadcasts the shop mood to incoming customers.

*Hint: If you’re waiting outside the shop before opening and you hear 120 decibel black metal inside, I’d advise waiting from a safer distance, like the coffee shop across the street or, better yet, the coffee shop a couple blocks away.

That said, here’s some of the best wrench-spinning music of 2014:


Grouper, Ruins – Piano, voice, and heartbreak.  Quiet and beautiful.




Angel Olsen, Burn Your Fire For No Witness – Angel Olsen sounds like she could be the love child of Leonard Cohen and Patsy Cline.  A solid collection of great songs from a songwriter wise beyond her years with a voice to match. 




At The Gates, At War With Reality – It has been 19 years since At The Gates released their genre-defining masterwork, Slaughter of the Soul, but this album is as much of a face-melter now as that album was then.




Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels 2 – Killer Mike and El-P are the dynamic duo of rap and this album is their best work yet: clever tales with a sharp political message set to ass-shaking beats!




Flying Lotus, You’re Dead! – This genre-blurring record is heavily influenced by 70’s jazz fusion, but with a strong electronic undercurrent and choice verses from hip hop heavyweights, including Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, it is so much more than simple nostalgia.




Caribou, Our Love – A surprisingly normal album from a band known for releasing albums of echo-filled weirdness.  Tighter song structure and a strong house music vibe make this a listener-friendly record that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a random public place.




Future Islands, Singles – Hometown boys done good.  This record is still not as good as their 2010 masterpiece, In Evening Air, but it is a good record and they’ve more than earned all the hype that has been heaped on them this year.




Goat, Commune – East African 70’s psychedelia channeled through a bunch of modern day Swedes.  Wild!




Cloud Nothings, Here And Nowhere Else – This album is the natural product of a band that grew up listening to their older siblings’ Nirvana catalog.  Blistering and melodic!




Trail Blazin

December 17, 2014

Maine 342

This year’s hoodie is a joint effort between three shops (OCCP, Bullseye Bicycle, and BAB) that have blazed new trails in the bicycle communities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapelboro, and it is smoking!

Limited quantities are now available, but they won’t last long, so get your ass down here!

Xmas Cruz

December 16, 2014


Ugly sweaters, festive plants, and endless loops of reggae carols.  The December Cruise takes flight tonight!

Elbow rubbing begins at BAB at 7:30-ish.

Cruise departs shortly after 8pm.


Light the Trees

December 5, 2014

Tis the season to light the festive plants.


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