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Back Alley Bikes is a worker-owned service based bicycle shop in Carrboro, NC.  Repairing broken bikes is our main gig, and we service all makes and models of bicycles.

We stock new bicycles from Kona, Surly, Turner, and Niner as well as a wide variety of refurbished bicycles.  We also stock a careful selection of parts and accessories.

We’re a fair profit organization.  Our aim is to make enough profit to subsist.  In other words, we could make more money but we don’t  need to, so we’ll keep our prices low and work a little harder so that more people will fix their bikes and ride them.

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  1. December 23, 2010 5:23 pm

    Hey Jason, Not sure what possessed me to look you guys up, but was pleasantly surprised to find lots of good stuff here (OK, not that suprised). Cheers, and best wishes for 2011, Travis


  1. Goldsprints for Ca$h and Karma! | Lucky Star

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