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Ibis Mojo HD3

January 27, 2015
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We recently added Ibis to our quiver of shred sleds and it was extremely exciting to get one of the very first available HD3’s into the stand last week.

The HD3 is the living embodiment of everything that’s right and good in the world of modern trails bikes: obscenely light and strong with a long front-center, short chainstays, slack headtube, plush yet efficient suspension (DW-Link), and a dayglo paintjob.

With all the latest, greatest bits bolted to it (Rock Shox Pike, Cane Creek DB Inline, SRAM XX1, etc), it was an act of sheer will not to ditch work and take this bike out to the trails for a proper test ride.

The crown jewel of this build is the Ibis 741 wheelset: ultrawide (41mm) carbon rims give any tire a larger than life footprint without compromising weight or strength.  With prebuilt wheelsets readily available, as well as a rim only option, both at reasonable (for carbon) prices, I expect we’ll see a lot more of these rolling around in the coming year.

Ibis doesn’t have every bike for every ride, but each bike they produce is the perfect bike for it’s job.  More info:

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