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Back Alley Bikes Corporate Retreat

May 8, 2014


Back Alley Bikes operates according to a different set of principals than most other businesses:

1) Make more money than you spend.

2) Share the wealth.

3) The customer is probably wrong.

4) Music is to be played at maximum volume.

5) Hours of operation should be unpredictable.

In keeping with maxim #5, the shop will not open this weekend.  Instead of toiling away in the bicycle mines all weekend, we’re gonna do what you likely do every weekend: ride our bikes!  Better yet, we’re taking a group trip to wild and wonderful Wilkesboro!

See you on Monday…

…or maybe Tuesday.




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  1. Jerry permalink
    May 9, 2014 12:42 am

    Jason, Rob, James, et. al…enjoy!!!

    Jerry and Susanne (currently tandeming in Sonoma!)


  1. MTN BKING | DFL stitchworks

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