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Best of 2013

January 6, 2014

It was a crazy busy year here at the bike shop, and aural stimulation is key component to staying motivated.  With the stereo running 8-10 hours a day, six days a week, the classics get burned out quickly and the thirst for new sounds can at times feel insatiable.  All that said, here are the best wrench-spinning/bike-riding albums of 2013:


The Flaming Lips, “The Terror” – An engrossing album of dark, lo-fi psychedelia.  How does a band 30 years into their recording career still make sound this inspired?!


RVIVR, “The Beauty Between” – Major chords, sing-a-longs, and pick scrapes galore.  The frozen block of ice that resides in my chest started to melt just a little bit when I saw this band play a couple months ago, and their record has been on repeat ever since.


Wavves, “Afraid of Heights” – The evolution of this band’s sound from cutesy beach rock to full blown rock powerhouse was one of the biggest musical surprises of 2013.  Another great live show!


Chance the Rapper, “Acid Rap” – This isn’t your usual collection of rap hits and guest spots, this is a transcendent journey of beats and rhymes that reveals new layers with every listen.


Deafheaven, “Sunbather” – What’s not to love about a blend of black metal and shoegaze that made every Top Ten list on the face of the planet?  Incredible live show!


Chelsea Wolfe, “Pain is Beauty” – Building on a string of albums that feature strong songs set in rich atmospheres, this is her most fully realized album to date.  Another must see live act!


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