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Surly Straggler

July 29, 2013


The Surly Straggler (aka Cross Check Disc) was the least surprising bike to find at Saddle Drive, as folks have been begging for disc brakes on the Cross Check for years, but it was one of the more impressive bikes I rode in Utah.

I was most impressed by the brakes as they’re the first disc brakes that I’ve used on a drop bar bike that actually felt good.  With the wide-for-cross tires (700×41 Knards) and the confidence inspiring brakes, I went straight out onto the singletrack with this bike and proceeded to shred the gnar with reckless abandon; perhaps a little too reckless as I went ass over tea kettle after only 15 minutes on the bike.

Other, more subtle, updates to the bike include STI shifters for quicker shifts and ED coating for increased resistance to oxidization.

Other than the new brakes, tires, internal rust-proofing, and STI shifters, this bike has all the features that have built the Cross Check’s devout following over the years: braze-ons galore, long horizontal dropouts (with updated set screw configuration), comfortable geometry, and, of course that real steel feel!

And, following in the tradition of eye-popping colors, this guy has been covered head to toe in a purple sparkle powder they call Glitter Dreams:


Hot stuff!


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