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Wake Up!

July 10, 2013


Seth Vidal was one of the nicest people I have ever known.  To clarify, I don’t simply mean that Seth was friendly, I mean that he was a good person through and through.  Always quick with an encouraging word and a helping hand, he embodied a goodness that is all too rare in the modern world.

We shared a love of simple pleasures: good food, bad jokes, and bicycle rides, as well as the vision of a world transformed by good people living simple lives.

I’m writing about Seth in the past tense because he went out for a bicycle ride on Monday night and was killed by a car driver who hit him from behind and then drove off into the night without stopping.

The mix of sadness and anger that I am feeling is reduced to a caustic hatred of the world that created this situation.  Removed from the world and each other by oversized chariots and electronic distractions, we sleepwalk blindly into the void, careless of the destruction we leave in our wake: our planet, our community, our loved ones.


More info about how not to be a self-absorbed asshat when driving a car can be found here:


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  1. Jerry Jacobs permalink
    July 10, 2013 7:50 pm

    Our heartfelt condolences from Raleigh. Be well and be safe.
    Jerry and Susanne

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