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Industry Nine Demo Wheels

February 21, 2013

i9 048

If a cyclist wants to increase the performance of their bike (without having to endure the nuisance of exercise), there are few equipment upgrades that have as dramatic an effect as a wheel swap.

Among nerdy mountain bikers Industry Nine wheels are known for their light weight, quick engagement, and incredible stiffness.  Total bonus, they’re manufactured almost entirely in Asheville, North Carolina, and their palette of hub and spoke colors is psychedelically overwhelming.


All the tech speak in the world pales in comparison to the experience of actually riding your bike equipped with these technological wonders, but anyone familiar with the price tags typically found on high end bicycle equipment is justified in being wary of marketing hype and averse to the potential of making an expensive mistake.

i9 056

What’s a curious cyclist to do?!

Come try out our new Industry Nine Torch wheels!  For a small fee, we will install these wheels on your bike and let you take them out into the real world so you can feel for yourself what a huge difference a set of wheels can make.  Email the shop for details:

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