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Panopticon – Kentucky

January 16, 2013


The sound of bluegrass, especially the tinny banjos and piercing fiddles, makes me want to tear my ears off, in a bad way.

The sound of black metal, especially the jackhammer beats and shredding guitars, makes me want to tear my eyes out, but in a good way.

Should a musician propose to combine these two disparate genres, one should expect a bizarre hybrid that would be universally unlistenable, but Aaron Lunn manages to integrate these two aural poles to great effect in Panopticon’s 2012 release Kentucky .

While it may be difficult to believe that a black metal/bluegrass conept album about the state of Kentucky is actually an enjoyable listening experience, it’s almost more difficult to believe that all of the instruments on this sprawling and complex album were played by one person.

Listen here: (Warning: may cause self-inflicted deafness and blindness)

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  1. yomama permalink
    January 16, 2013 11:35 am

    very funny review

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