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July 24, 2012

It’s nice to be in an industry where a business trip feels like you won a prize, and that’s exactly how I felt this past weekend when QBP, our main parts supplier, flew me out to Ogden, UT for Saddle Drive.

I’ve ridden bikes up and down Mt. Ogden for the last two days and here’s the standouts:


Surly Krampus

Surly’s newest concoction is a full rigid trail bike based on 29×3″ tires.  More nimble than a fat bike, but more forgiving than a rigid 29er.  This bike was surprisingly agile on the way up the mountain and tons of fun on the way down.  This is one of the bikes that will be available for demo at Southern Spokes in Statesville, Aug. 10th-12th.


Foundry Cycles Broadaxe

The mountain bike market is fast flooding with carbon wonder bikes, but the Battle Axe is a standout in two categories: unassuming appearance and superbike performance.  This bike was light and stiff on the way up the mountain (as one would expect a carbon bike to be), but the real surprise came on the descent: confident, forgiving, and, best of all, fun!  A race-worthy bike that can, and should, be ridden every day.


Surly Moonlander with Bionx Electric Assist

This was the craziest bike I rode all weekend, but also the one that induced the most uncontrollable laughter while riding.  The Moonlander is Surly’s superfat bike with 5 inch wide tires designed for snow and sand.  It’s a fun bike on flat ground, but it’s probably the last bike I’d recommend for scaling a gigantic mountain… unless you’ve equipped it with an electric assist motor.  The rider must be pedaling in order for the motor to be activated, so it still required a fair bit of work on the way up the mountain, but it was certainly a lot smoother and quicker than it would’ve been without the motor.  Even better, on the way down, a well timed pedal stroke would activate the motor just as the rear wheel approached a lip and send the bike sailing.  Ridiculous and fun.

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  1. Dave the busdriver permalink
    July 24, 2012 2:21 pm

    Well, Jason there’s no one out there who deserves an all expenses paid business trip vacation than you. What’s with the odd spelling of the word “crabon”?

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