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The Antlers

March 1, 2011

I have an insatiable appetite for music.  I am constantly on the lookout for new music, and when I find a new band or album it usually gets played repeatedly until the effect wears off and I’m left searching for my next fix.

The Antlers album Hospice is a low tech soundscape of misery that is totally entrancing.   An album in the classic sense, it is a complete work unified by lyrical and melodic themes that becomes more rewarding with each listen.  This album has been so rewarding, in fact, that it’s been difficult to find time between repeated listens to make room for any other music.

Their sound owes as much to early noise pioneers Silver Apples as it does to modern emo and chamber pop a la Bright Eyes and Neutral Milk Hotel.  This is a great album if you’re the type of listener who loves to get lost in waves of aural subtleties, but it’s a terrible album if you like happy music.



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