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Showers Pass Rain Gear

January 13, 2011

The Inimitable Robert Bland

I rarely wear clothing that elicits spontaneous, positive commentary in public.  In fact, I generally dress to be ignored.  This makes the last several weeks of compliments to my new Showers Pass “Portland” Rain Coat all the more surprising.

Showers Pass is a small, Portland-based company that specializes in rain gear for cyclists.  They have ultra-light, packable jackets and pants, as well as comfortable rain gear that doesn’t look like the wearer should be rappeling down a cliff face.

Subtle pinstriping, ooooh yeah.

The “Portland” is in the latter category and it’s a great jacket for wearing around town, as well as while riding.  In fact, it’s one of few rain jackets I ever worn that is actually more comfortable to wear on bike than on foot.

We’ll soon stock a selection of Showers Pass gear, but we’re giving folks the opportunity to help us out with our opening order by pre-ordering rain gear at a discounted price.

We’ve got a couple different size and model samples here at the shop, so if you’re interested, stop by the shop or send us an email before Friday, Jan. 21st.


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