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Holy Sons

October 21, 2010

The music of Emil Amos has been on the bike shop stereo for the past couple of years, but no one knew it.

Some Grails albums, Black Tar Prophecies and Doomsdayer’s Holiday, were already in regular rotation when Amos took over drumming duties for Om.

Om was already a hit, but with Amos’ percussion pinning it all together, Om’s latest album, God is Good, fell into very heavy rotation.

In addition to prolific writing, recording, and touring with these two bands, Emil Amos has been steadily releasing totally hypnotic solo albums for the last 15+ years under the moniker Holy Sons.

The most recent Holy Sons album, Survivalist Tales!, is now in regular rotation along with 2008’s Decline of the West.  The sound is similar to the modern psychedelia of Om and Grails, but with a solid folk foundation and introspective lyrics.

It’s amazing that one person can produce so much music, and that so much of it is actually good!

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  1. Tnuts permalink
    October 21, 2010 1:13 pm

    g’day sirs, how does one make a request to have a song fall into rotation?

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