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2010 NAHBS in Richmond, pt. 2

March 4, 2010

One of the other really nice things about Bike Show in Richmond this past weekend was the opportunity to hang out with folks that I usually only see at the bike shop.  Sitting next to someone at the bar that you usually only see across the workbench is a refreshing experience when you’re accustomed to describing people by the bike they ride rather than the music they listen to or the way they dress when they’re not wearing spandex.  It was also a great chance to catch up with friends from out of town at a common destination.

Fortunately, some of these folks wield cameras a little more effectively than I do.  My friend PJ, who now lives in Baltimore, sent me a link to his flickr photoset here. There are really nice shots of some of the finer work, and at least one sweet photobomb (see above).

I also wanted to post a few of the photos I took of Richmond itself:

Under the Bridge

Along the James River

Richmond Skyline

The columns and stately yard lead me to assume that this is the capitol. If this isn't it, I'm sure it wasn't far.

The Jefferson Hotel

An alley entrance to a business that no longer has a main entrance.

Cool statue next to Jeff Davis's grave

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