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S3X Build

February 18, 2010

If you work in a bike shop, February is pretty much the best month for your own bikes.  With an average of two repairs per day there is ample free time in the workday.  It’s even better when you have a project bike to put together because it’s something to be excited about, not just routine maintenance.

This bike in particular is a couple of firsts for me.  Obviously, I’ve been really excited about the S3X hub.  But this is also going to be my first personal bike with tubular tires (the type that are glued onto the rim).  I imagine I’ll be really into tubulars until I have to change my first flat on the road, then I’ll probably rebuild the wheels.  It’s also going to be my first “high-tech” road bike frame.  I definitely favor durability and comfort over light weight, most of my bikes are steel and have never been put on a scale, but it’s kind of fun to try to build a light bike for a change.

I’m also excited to build a bike that’s going to be so fancy, but also easy on the materials.  Most of this bike is second hand.  The picture on the left is all the new stuff that’s going on the bike, while the picture on the right is all the second hand stuff.

This bike should be on the road this weekend, and it’ll be available for test rides at the shop next week.

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