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February 16, 2010

Sometimes there are bands and albums that go into and out of constant playback without warning.  A particularly captivating album might get played two or three times a day for several weeks in a row.  Then suddenly, supersaturation.  It just falls off.

Some days, I’m tired of listening to the same dozen or so albums that are in the current line-up and I go scouring through the stacks looking for an old favorite.  The album selected is usually a long-memorized classic, an album I can recall note for note in its entirety just by looking at the cover (e.g. Metallica’s Master of Puppets), but every now and then I’ll put on a former flavor of the month and it’s like I’m hearing the album again for the first time (an experience I’ve never had with corn flakes).

The album Pink, by Japanese psychedelic doom punk band Boris, is one of those albums that is suddenly back at the top the charts.  In fact, it’s made such an impression on the second go round that I’ve delved deeper into the Boris catalog and re-discovered another dusty gem, Amplifier WorshipAltar, the collaboration they did with harsh ambient noise lords Sunn, is also recommended highly.



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