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February 1, 2010

Andy Hudson is Back Alley Bikes’s most regular customer.  He has loyally followed the shop since it really was in the back alley three years ago, and his continued patronage has been one of our most valuable assets.

Andy wasn’t the first customer, but he was definitely one of the first one hundred, and no other customer even comes close to his record of visits to the shop.  Of the last one thousand days, 150 were Sundays (when we’re closed).  Of the remaining 850 days, Andy has made an appearance on at least 700 of them.

Not all of his visits are for bicycle maintenance, but many of them are.  Andy rides roughly 4,000 miles per year so his bike is in regular need of fine tuning.  Once you’ve begun to notice Andy biking around town, you’ll start to notice him everywhere, and then you’ll wonder how you ever missed him.

Andy is a bold personality and he dresses to suit his mood.  He boasts a seemingly limitless supply of hats: jester hats, wizard hats, warrior helmets, fisherman caps, baseball caps, fedoras, bowlers, etc.  And there is no shortage of shirts and accessories to compliment each hat.  His outfits are his calling card, and they are always well thought out and impressive.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Andy wore two very similar outfits which I initially mistook as the same outfit with two different hats.  Both days featured very complete ensembles, and it was with Andy’s permission that I photographed him for documentation on this website.  Upon closer examination of the photos I realized that they were, in fact, not the same outfit, but two distinct, although similar, outfits.

We know the hats are different, but can you spot nine other differences between Andy’s outfits?


Rob is clearly wearing the same shirt two days in a row, can you spot some of the similarities between the two photos?

Good luck.


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