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Nanaca Crash

January 20, 2010

Nanaca Crash is easily the most addictive bicycle themed video game I have ever played.  It’s an easy game to play dozens of times in a row because each game lasts, at most, two minutes.  Consequently, I have wasted countless hours on this game over the years.

My scores have consistently improved over time, but I’m not quite sure why because the directions are in Japanese and my strategy is limited to clicking the mouse at random.  I’m sure that there’s an English translation of the directions available, but I have avoided looking for it because the mystery of Nanaca Crash is what has consistently drawn me back to this game.

I have been able to glean a few nuggets of information that are useful for starting the game.  Here is the story as far as I can figure it out:

You are a bike-riding school girl on what appears to be a clapped out old Cannondale with a Hedshok.  The bike is painted matte black, so maybe it’s stolen or something.  Who’s to say?

Your antagonist is a preppy dude who seems to have very carefully cultivated that “messy with money” look.  Loose tie, slightly unbuttoned shirt, and that “just woke up” hairdo that took 45 minutes and a lot of hair product to perfect.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  It’s not really clear why, but your goal is to slam your bike into the preppy boy and fling his limp body as far away as you can (see fig. A).

fig. A

ZuBaaaaaaan, indeed!

The power of the hit is determined by when you click the mouse button, the angle is determined by when you release the mouse button.

Now that the prep’s rag dolling through the air, your goal is to keep him going as long as possible.  You’ll notice that he’s flying over the heads of seemingly innocent bystanders.  Be warned, they are not simply curious onlookers, they are active participants in the action (see fig. B).

fig. B

Here’s where things get a little whacky.  Each of the different characters does something different to the prep’s lifeless body.  The action of each character is consistent, and the characters are all color coded, but I still haven’t figured out exactly who does what.

Your role for the remainder of the game is fairly minor.  I’m sure the code could be easily cracked, but where’s the fun in that?  I’ve found it’s more fulfilling to click the mouse button occasionally and randomly until the game ends rather than waste precious minutes learning how to do well.

Good luck!

Nanaca Crash!

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