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January 19, 2010

USAISAMONSTER is a two piece prog-punk band that will be sorely missed in 2010.  Originally, an 8 or 9 piece pure noise clusterfuck who gained infamy in NC for getting places shut down, they eventually shaved their lineup down to two multi-instrumentalists.  Their live shows were supernaturally loud and full considering there were only two people playing.  Colin played guitar and sang, while Tom played drums, sang, and danced on the foot pedals of an organ simultaneously.  They were always noisy and wild, but over the years they honed their sound to perfection.  By the time they released their masterwork, Space Programs, in 2009 they were already waving their hats and tap-dancing off the stage.

Their entire catalog is filled with genius, even if most of it’s not listener-friendly on the first go round.  For listeners accustomed to lo-fi recording it’s pretty easy to hear what’s going on, but for a lot of folks the treble and hiss is just too much.  That’s the amazing thing about Space Programs, they somehow managed to polish everything up enough that their brilliance is evident to casual listeners without watering down their sound.  Charging waves of beauty and anger, without pretense or bitterness, Space Programs is the 4th dimension in the USAISAMONSTER repertoire.

Listen here.

Buy here.

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