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Sturmey Archer S3X

January 7, 2010

The Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed gear hub (the S3X) is due to be available from our distributors this month, and I can’t wait!

For the three years I lived in Detroit I rode a fixed gear nearly every single day that I was there.  It was the perfect bike for that city; the roads were flat and the weather was terrible.  Since moving back to the aptly named Chapel Hill in 2006 I promptly hung up my fixed gear and took to riding a 1970’s three speed Ross as my main mode of transport.  I still miss my fixed gear, but I’m just too lazy to be willing to grind and sprint my way to every destination.

The S3X hub may be a magic bullet for my fixed gear riding in Chapel Hill, or it may just be my mid-30s made manifest in the likeness of a bike part.  Considering the fact that I started riding a full suspension trail bike this year, it’s probably the latter.

Seeing the Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed hub in person was one of the highlights of Interbike this year.  I’ve been daydreaming about the bike I’m going to build around this hub ever since.  The key ingredient in all of my personal bikes is “whatever is hanging around”, and the upswing to the long wait for this hub to become available is that I’ve had several months to gather up some pretty neat parts.  It’s gonna be all over the place: weird handlebars, carbon fiber, tubular rims…

Pictures of the build in progress will follow as the bike comes together over the next few weeks.  Chances are that when we order one hub, we’ll probably order a couple extra, so get in touch if you want to call dibs on one.

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