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Mountain Biker vs Road Biker

June 13, 2014

Let the rap battle begin!

The Rentals

June 10, 2014


It’s officially official, we now have a small fleet of Kona Africabikes available for rent. $20 a day, includes lock and helmet.


June 9, 2014

Bike Plan Meeting

…and more (including the final draft of the Chapel Hill Bike Plan) at tonight’s Town Council Meeting tonight!

7pm at Southern Human Services Center Complex
2501 Homestead Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

June Cruise

June 3, 2014

Meeting tonight out on the BAB porch for the June edition of Cruiser Tuesday.

Elbow rubbing begins at 7:30.  Ride starts at precisely 8:17-ish.

Shred the Uke

May 16, 2014

Free Gas!

May 12, 2014


Tuesday morning, 5/13, from 7am to 10am, the Carrboro Bicycle Coalition will be posted up at the Carrboro end of the Libbe Cotten Bikeway and giving away free fuel…

…to cyclists in the form of Neal’s Biscuits and Open Eye Coffee.

BAB technicians will be on site all morning providing free safety checks and bicycle adjustments.

Back Alley Bikes Corporate Retreat

May 8, 2014


Back Alley Bikes operates according to a different set of principals than most other businesses:

1) Make more money than you spend.

2) Share the wealth.

3) The customer is probably wrong.

4) Music is to be played at maximum volume.

5) Hours of operation should be unpredictable.

In keeping with maxim #5, the shop will not open this weekend.  Instead of toiling away in the bicycle mines all weekend, we’re gonna do what you likely do every weekend: ride our bikes!  Better yet, we’re taking a group trip to wild and wonderful Wilkesboro!

See you on Monday…

…or maybe Tuesday.





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