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Aw, shit.

September 24, 2014

Memorial Ride

September 18, 2014


One year ago, Ivin Scurlock and Alex Simou were hit and killed while riding their bicycles on the south side of Chapel Hill.

There will be a memorial ride this Friday, 9/19, leaving BAB at 6pm. All are welcome.

If only…

September 15, 2014



September 10, 2014


The temperature is dropping, the sky is darkening, and a cloud of tubular cement vapor hangs in the air. It must be Cyclocross season!

As the one time of year when it is socially acceptable to have fun on a road bike, Cyclocross season is often referred to as Roadie Rumspringa.

And, boy, oh boy, do we have some fun machines here at the shop:






For more info about the upcoming Cyclocross race schedule, check

For more info about our bikes, call, email, or stop by.

Bottled Up

September 9, 2014


After 7.5 years, and 19 different t-shirt/hoodie designs, we’re no longer content with re-stickering our competitors’ bottles.

BAB bottles, at last!

AND, the first 50 are free with the “magic words”!

Cruiser Tuesday

September 2, 2014


The water in the pool on the back porch isn’t fetid yet, and there’s still a couple of leftover Labor Day beers, so let’s cruise!

Meet at the shop around 7:30.

Ride begins at precisely 8:17-ish.

Labor Day

August 31, 2014


We accidentally booked a ton of work on Labor Day, so the shop will be open, but we’d like to wrap thing up early. We certainly won’t turn anyone away if they’re in dire straits, but we’d rather cook out on the back porch than fix bikes, so we’re kindly requesting that non-emergencies be held until Tuesday.


ps – We are NOT having a sale.


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