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Cruiser Tuesday

June 30, 2014


Tomorrow is Cruiser Tuesday.

Meeting here at the shop at 7:30 for social lubrication.

Ride starts at precisely 8:17-ish.

Very mellow pace on a mix of natural and paved surfaces; slightly fatter tires recommended.


June 25, 2014


A single day of independence is insufficient to warrant a celebration, so we’re taking FOUR DAYS OF INDEPENDENCE!  Back Alley Bikes will be closed July 3rd through July 6th, and we’ll re-open on Monday, July 7th at 10am.


Preventative Maintenance

June 23, 2014


Typically, an ounce of prevention will save you a pound of cure.  Sometimes it will save you a pound of bugs…in your bike frame.

We (Almost) Made It!

June 20, 2014

Kona EnDEWro

June 18, 2014


The sweet styles and bold colorways of “enduro” are changing the face of mountain biking.  Now they’re changing the look and feel of hybrids, too!

Check it:


Acre Hauser Hydration Packs

June 17, 2014
products 114

The Acre Hauser is, by far, the most well made and user-friendly hydration pack I’ve ever used.


Easy bladder access.

Easy bladder access.








Cleverly arranged.

Cleverly arranged.

Surprisingly useful, without being gimmicky, the weatherproof, US-made Acre Hauser keeps track of all the essentials: water, tools, food, electronics, etc.

Brought to you by the fine folks at Mission Workshop.  Multiple sizes and colors now in stock at BAB.


Internal Monologue

June 16, 2014

The riding around here is nowhere near this hairy, but this rider’s personal monologue still sounds pretty familiar.




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